Baseball Player Bronson Arroyo’s Musical Career

In addition to being a professional baseball player Bronson Arroyo is also an acclaimed musician. Below you can learn more about Bronson Arroyo’s musical career and the albums that he has released. In addition you can find more about Arroyo’s baseball career has developed along with his music.

GuitarArroyo’s Beginnings As A Musician

Bronson Arroyo had a love of music from an early age but it was to be his baseball career that would take off first. In 1995 Arroyo was signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the third round draft. It was not until 2000 that he first broke into the major leagues playing for the Pirates. By the time that Arroyo came onto the musical stage in 2004 he was already a well known baseball player.

Arroyo’s First Appearance On Stage

That first musical appearance was at the Hot Stove Cool Music fundraiser in Boston. At the fundraiser Arroyo played a cover of the Pearl Jam classic song “Black”. He was joined on the stage by his fellow Red Sox teammate Kevin Millar.

Arroyo’s Debut Album

In 2005 Arroyo recorded his first full length album titled Covering The Bases. The debut album featured covers of other bands including the Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam. In addition to Arroyo the album also included the musicians Kevin Youkilis and Johnny Damon. In 2008 he filmed a music video style commercial for the JTM Food Group.

Playing For The Cincinnati Reds

In 2006 Arroyo was traded to the Cincinnati Reds for the outfielder Wily Mo Pena. In 2011 the Cincinnati Reds decided to exercise the option that they had on Arroyos contract and extend it through to 2013. The new three year contract was worth $35 million to Arroyo.

The Future For Bronson Arroyo

Given Arroyo’s success as a baseball player it is safe to say that he will never have to worry about having to sing for his supper. However this multi-talented player has shown that his love of music doesn’t necessarily play second base to the sport his most well known for.

A Look at his Chances to Win the League

Having boasted a well-rounded baseball career, Bronson Arroyo may indeed make an impact during the 2014 season. However, this Diamondbacks pitcher will have to overcome a few physical hurdles to be considered a viable contender.

Having recently overcome a bulging disc in his back, Arroyo is still quite tender. Still, his fastballs and curve balls are known for their speed and if manager Kirk Gibson is correct, Arroyo may very will prove to be a formidable pitcher.

Overcoming Injury?

Unfortunately, there are many analysts that believe his chances to take the league are slim. This has less to do with his talent as it does with his age (Mr. Arroyo is currently thirty-seven years old). Pitching injuries tend to become more prevalent and some wonder if Arroyo will have the stamina to carry him through the year. However, the Diamondbacks are still a strong team and many are using sites such as to place educated wagers.